Good selection, good pricing, fantastic service. I’m on my second pair of hearing aids from Michael, and I couldn’t be happier with those purchases. Tell Michael I sent you!
Linda Fox recommends Audibel Hearing Center – Rock Hill, York and Lake Wylie
Michael has been wonderful to work with! I would highly recommend him for your hearing problems! My message to anyone experiencing hearing loss is…DO NOT WAIT ANOTHER DAY!! Go see Michael for help!
Brian Harty recommends Audibel Hearing Center – Rock Hill, York and Lake Wylie
I want to thank Michael and Tammy for the professional and friendly care that they show me with every visit. From the first visit where I was tested and shown the different hearing aids that I had to choose from to each following visit to the office, I was shown how to put my hearing aids on and how to clean and take care of them. They also are there in case my hearing aids should ever need repaired or if I just have any questions. I highly recommend Audibel Hearing Center in Rock Hill.
Les Elkins recommends Audibel Hearing Center – Rock Hill, York and Lake Wylie
I was born with a profound hearing loss in both ears. I’ve been to several different hearing aid dispensers. Although I will never hear perfectly, I must say that Michael has given me the best experience and has greatly improved the quality of my life by greatly improving communication through his devices. The staff is very attentive. I recommend this place with 5 stars because he deserves it.
Jacqueline Berberena recommends Audibel Hearing Center – Rock Hill, York and Lake Wylie
Michael is very knowledgeable and patient with his those he works with. I took my mother and aunt to an appointment there recently and it was all I could do to get them to leave because they enjoy talking with him so much. He surely makes them feel right at home.
Jackie P. – Rock Hill
I have received services for hearing augmentation from two other providers. While they provided a product of reasonable quality, I found that they didn’t always listen when I voiced my desired attributes for a hearing aid. I was referred to Michael by a relative who had a good experience, so I decided to try his services. Michael performed a audiometric exam, engaged me in a discussion regarding what I wanted in a hearing aid, then fitted me with a product that met my expectations. I now hear more clearly than I have with any other product or service.
Sandy D. – Rock Hill
Michael has taken care of my hearing aids for many years. He is very patient and does not try to sell me what I don’t need but what works best for me. He adjusts my hearing aids and cleans them as needed and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.
Mary R. – Rock Hill
I can highly recommend Audibel hearing center. I have had mine now for about six weeks and it’s amazing how much it has helped. Plus service at the center has been great. Michael has helped me through the initial adjustments and is concerned that my hearing is improved with the Starkey hearing aide. Thank you, it has improved my life immensely!
Fred K. – York
Stopped in to have my hearing aids repaired as I am working here from out of town. Michael repaired my hearing aids, and also did a hearing test. He was very helpful and just a great man who wants to help people hear better. I will be going back for my hearing problems as well as my wife.
Dave F. Lancaster, SC on Yelp
Strongly recommend “Audible Hearing Center” for your hearing needs. I accompanied my husband today to get his hearing aides adjusted and was very impressed with Michael Sisskind, the owner of this establishment. He quickly recognized that my husband’s hearing aides needed adjustments. He conducted a hearing test to further identify areas and frequency of hearing loss. He adjusted them quickly, but also made sure they were adjusted to my voice as well. He contacted the hearing aide manufacturer to confirm other information. We will be going back in a few weeks to confirm the new settings are working well. Michael also took the time to explain how hearing loss effects the individual and the misunderstanding of spoken words which leads to much miscommunication. It was a great experience for me and my husband. We strongly recommend “Audibel” for your hearing needs.
Debra P. Indian Land, SC on Yelp
Michael has been taking care of my Mom’s hearing needs for years. He treats everyone that walks in with respect, with each visit spends as much time as my Mom needs and his level of service is unmatched.
Steve Udelson on Facebook
Michael has helped me with my Hearing Aids for over 9 years. There is no way i would have kept them after the first day if it was not for him. He takes the time to education you and help you feel comfortable with wearing Hearing Aids. In my book he is #1 goto guy for Heaing Aids. Remember he is not trying to sell you he really is trying to make your life easier with helping you hear what you have been missing. Louis
Louis Sinkoe on Facebook

Reviews for Rock Hill

Michael is amazing! He genuinely cares about your well-being and does everything he can to get you hearing as best as possible. I HIGHLY recommend going to see Michael at Audibel for your hearing needs.
ejk Donovan, on Google
Michael has really helped me with my new hearing aids and he really knows his business. He's gone above and beyond working with me to be comfortable and happy with my choice. I even took Pam and got her a pair last week or so. She's getting the same awesome service. I'll keep updating this review as our Hearing Aid journey continues.
John Fields, on Google
Helpful, knowledgeable and professional is how I would describe my interaction with Michael this morning. He doesn’t sell my brand of hearing aid, but that didn’t stop him from cleaning the Hearing aids and replacing the wax traps - very difficult to do! Michael explained what the problems were and fixed them. I was fortunate that he wasn’t very busy this morning, but he agreed on the phone that he would fit me in when I arrived. I could not have asked for a better experience with Michael.
Robert Campbell, on Google
I first purchased the hearing enhancer trying to save money. I quickly found out that was not for me. I did find out through that experience what I did not want in a hearing aid. Several months later I went to Audibel and received the free hearing test and purchased the hearing aids. Wow! What a difference I can hear sounds and even music for the first time in years. Michael is so knowledgeable and kind. He has been so patient with me personally while I adjust to the new experience of wearing this life changing product! Thanks Audibel and Michael!
Hilda Poole, on Google
This is his wife, experiencing my new hearing aids, not Jack. A whole new world has opened up to me. It is absolutely wonderful. I truly recommend going to Rock Hill Audibel Hearing Center. The service is so professional and Michael really cares about his patients. You won't be disappointed! I love the fact the hearing aids are made in the USA and they are the cutting edge of hearing aids.I would recommend them to anyone who needs help in hearing and not going around saying, excuse me? or what did you say? It's wonderful going to eat in a restaurant and being able to hear what is being said at the table. Background noise was the worst! Not anymore!!!! LOVE THEM :-)
Jack Moore, on Google

Reviews for York

This is the man you need to help you HEAR Clearly ! There are many hearing aid offices, but only one Michael Sisskind! This man cares ! He is determined that his patients hear the way he would wish to hear ,Clearly! Thankfully I have been one of his patients for over 10 years , traveling about 2 hours to get to his office. It is definitely worth the trip! Don’t settle for the cheaper ”do it yourself “ type You will be cheating yourself ! You need someone that understands Your individual problem and knows what it takes to solve it.
Rachel Turner, on Google
Mr. Sisskind has helped me with my hearing aids and always takes the time to clean them without charging me. I trust him to give me the best hearing aids for what I need and not try to sell me the most expensive ones. Won't go to anyone else.
Mary R, on Google

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