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As a family medicine physician, hearing is critical to my work. I broke my own denial about hearing loss after increasingly having to ask patients to repeat things, realizing that I was lip-reading, and finally, being unable to discern what was being said in group meetings. It is not easy to acknowledge one's own disability. Michael's empathic, non-judgmental, and patient-centered approach provides a safe space to go through the journey from disability to ability. He sticks with you until you are getting the results you need. As a result, I am now hearing like I did 20 years ago. Just went to a noisy restaurant last night and I heard everything that was said at my table! Thank you Michael. Thank you for your part in making my life full again!
Dael Waxman, on Google+
I have been with this practice since November 2018. I can say that the service I received is exemplary. Michael Sisskind is always ready to help with anything. With "other places", it seemed as though they only wanted to make money. They were not committed to a relationship with their clients. Michael is! After being in denial about my hearing loss for so long, it is wonderful to be able to hear and understand. I recommend this practice wholeheartedly.
Karen Faris, on Google+
Finding this center for my hearing aid services has been a blessing. I've worn hearing aides for several years but never had very good results with the products or services. I was beginning to think a really excellent service provider did not exist! But then I tried the services that Michael provides at Audibel. I finally found someone who is honest and extremely knowledgeable about hearing and the products. My stresses around my poor hearing have all been addressed. Each time I go in for routine appointments I learn something new to make my hearing even better. Everything about my experience and expectations about what an excellent provider should be have been met. Michael does not push anything on you but allows you to make your best choices. I am extremely happy with my hearing aides and with Michael as my vendor!
Janet Wood, on Google+
Such a pleasure to know Michael and have him be so considerate and kind to our mother. He is always willing to give the best care available . Almost like visiting a family member when she has appointments πŸ™‹πŸΌπŸ™‚
Cindy Singletary, on Google+
Michael Sisskind is very knowledgeable and well informed in his field. When I finally decided to get the hearing aids the doctor recommended some time ago, I made an appointment with Michael. I found him to be a kind, gentle, caring person who carefully explained everything to me. He did not rush me through the procedure and answered all my many questions in detail so that I understood everything. I feel that he really cares about me as a person, not just as a client. I went to him wanting a specific brand of hearing aid. He ordered them for me but I was not happy with them. I wanted to return them and he and his staff took care of this for me. The product I final purchased works very well. I am very happy and satisfied with it. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of hearing help.
Therese Paquette, on Google+

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